Fews - Creating a Culture of Profitability

Turning over millions in revenue is exciting, but how do you ensure each project is profitable?

Fews are a multi-award-winning UK marquee & temporary structure company, which turns over millions of pounds a year and leads the way for premium events and innovative structures.

An arial shot of Fews' astonishing Igloo Marquee. For more information on this structure, click here.

The company was started over 19 years ago by Ian Fews and today operates UK wide, employing over 40 members of staff. 

Fews approached Marquee Tech in October 2020 and were instantly impressed with the technology. 

After discussing software requirements and negotiating a price, Fews joined Marquee Tech as a custom client (see pricing) as of December 2020.

We will update this page as the project progresses, but in a nutshell, development for Fews will include:

  • Automation of stock management for all products and components. 
  • Stock management to be simplified and to become accessible, editable, readable and understandable by all members of the team. 
  • Helping staff ensure projects are profitable and remain profitable by ensuring resources are costed and managed effectively across the project life cycle.
  • Creating a paper-free business and facilitating digital communication and document sharing between all team members at all business levels (management, office, yard and site). 
  • Human resource management for staff.
  • Accessible cloud-based reporting for all staff members and all business units (sales, marketing, operations, stock etc). 
  • Cloud-based accounting automation. 

Fews Marquees
🇬🇧 England (Worcestershire)
Frame Tents, Iglo, Unique Structures, Industrial
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