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Stock control

Stock automation

Create rules to automate your stock control depending on items hired by the customer.

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The only system to monitor your tent, lining & flooring components against starter, additional and end sections.

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Stock reporting

Limit shortages by viewing stock warnings when building quotes, sending invoices and viewing picking lists

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Picking lists

Help your rigging team become more successful with digital and PDF picking lists which include images of hire items, tick boxes, set-up instructions and site images.

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Modern quotes


Showcase your business in its highest light using beautiful imagery.

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Your brand

Each business looks and feels different. Our designers will build beautiful quotes around your brand.

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Sales buttons

Increase your sales conversion by gently nudging your customers to book with customisable sales buttons.

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Mobile ready

Today’s business happens on a phone, it’s where we book our holidays, browse mortgages and where your customers want to book their tents.

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Payment reminders

Payment reminders are automatically sent to customers.

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Create invoices in 1 tap, from your phone, tablet or computer.

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Payment plans

Allow customers to pay in instalments or create bespoke payment plans.

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Pay online

Customers can pay online, directly from the invoice. You can also accept bank, cash and cheque payments

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Profitable bookings

Staff, vehicle and other costs are factored into bookings to show you the profitability and margin for each job.

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Analytics hub

Pre made reports covering everything from financials, money coming in, costs going out, the profitability of your event types, stock issues and much more.

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Target and follow up with the leads who are most likely to book.

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Incoming cash

View how much money is coming in every month and stay on top of your cash flow.

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Loved by customers around the world

Testimonies 🚀

Trafalgar Marquees
🇬🇧 London

"Bridging The Gap Between Sales & Operations to Increase Profit Margins"

Alpha Hire
🇬🇧  Gloucestershire

"Increasing Efficiency & Sales on Marquee Tech"

T & L Marquee Hire
🇬🇧 Milton Malsor

"10x More Time to Grow The Business"

The Swanky Tent Co
🇬🇧 West Yorkshire

"How joining the Marque Tech led this company to accelerate growth in their first year"

A library of 100's of pre-made floor plans

Help your clients visualise their event with pre-made, customisable floor plans. Or, start from scratch.

Fully customisable digital quotes

All quotes are market tested, designed for sales and built by developers.
We can't wait to design your brand.


We’re from the industry

From rigging tents, to flakey staff, tricky customers and building tables... we've done it all!

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What people are saying!

I have already seen the enquiry to sales conversion increase! And the best bit is I am spending much less time doing boring tasks & email replies. For example, 1 little thing which I love is, customers can click on images to see what stock items look like, rather than emailing me for pictures!

My Tipi Event, Kent 🇬🇧

Now 8 times out of 10 I build quotes with clients whilst on a site visit. Which my clients absolutely love because they are not waiting around for me to email them a price, they receive it instantly, I know my competition are not doing this which is an advantage.

Paul Rowbotton
Monaco Marquees, Surrey 🇬🇧

Pioneering new automation software created by the British company Marquee Tech is now available in Australia. After success across UK marquee and tent companies, the company has launched down under

Martin Sinclair
Hire & Rental News, Australia 🇦🇺

Marquee Tech, a marquee and tent hire software specialist, is offering the use of a number of its tools, free of charge, to marquee companies to help during the COVID pandemic.

Caroline Clift
Stand Out Magazine 🇬🇧

From the customer end with interactive quoting systems allowing upsale and small things like photos being built into quotes. Then on the other end, load lists, booking platform and stock control was built easily for our stock, never before has a system I have seen allowed us to not have to compromise

Kelly Byrne
Marquee Monkeys, Melbourne 🇦🇺

So if you are thinking about moving, I would say just go for it! The guys at MarqueeTech are always ready to help, and you could be fully set-up & used to the system in less than a week! The small amount of work it takes at the beginning to get started will save you countless hours in weeks, months & years to come.

Amy Hardisty
The Marquee Hire Company, Somerset 🇬🇧
Free tools for tent rental companies

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Worried about switching systems?

We'll do the hard work for you and migrate all your business, stock and customer data into Marquee Tech, in just a few days.

1. Stock, customers, components & images

All you need to do is provide us a stock list & PDFs of your bookings.

2. We do the hard work for you

We migrate your stock, bookings and customers into Marquee Tech.

3. Your new system goes live

Your customers are migrated, stock reports are perfect and you're wishing you joined sooner!


In a nutshell

Easy switching

We'll move your stock and customers onto Marquee Tech in a few days.

Experts in what we do

Your account is built by real-humans with tent hire experience.

Easy to use

Effortless booking processes for you & your customers.

Extremely affordable

Costs you little, saves time & increases profit.

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Frequently asked questions

How can you transfer my current data onto Marquee Tech✌️

We first take your stock list and run it through a programme so it fits into our system. If you do not have a stock list, you can use one of our templates. We then take your booking PDFs and run it through some clever Artificial Intelligence to match the invoice line items to stock items. At this stage your customers, bookings and stock are in the system. We then work with you to allocate the correct components to the correct tent/product. After this stage your picking lists and stock reports will be perfect. We then help upload your images into the system and provide free training.

Can I move my customers, booking data, stock reports and hire items from any system?✌️

Yes, we do this everyday for companies around the world. We've even worked with customer who still use type-writers !

How much work is required from me?✌️

Very little, it typically takes a new customer a few hours to be fully set up on Marquee Tech.

We've never used a system, everything is in my head✌️

That is absolutely fine, we have many companies on Marquee Tech who previously didn't have any processes in place and stock management was ‘in their head’.

What is your customer service like✌️

The adjectives we hear a lot are: Unbelievable. Amazing. 5 Star. Know-what-they're-talking-about. Fantastic.

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