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Everything you need, built by a team with decades of experience in the event tent industry.

Tools for business owners

Keep your people, products and profits a step ahead on a system you'll love.

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Tools for office teams

One easy to use cloud-system with everything you need to rock at your job.

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Tools for site teams

Digital load list, Google Maps, online delivery notes and more to make jobs easier.

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CAD/Floor Plans

Design HD floor plans for every client in seconds

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Easily manage your customers from 1 place.

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Cloud Based

Work from everywhere, on every device.

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Component Management

Manage your inventory with precision. Down to the last stake in the ground.

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Collect signatures digitally

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Connect to other 3rd party apps.

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Invoice and collect payments with ease.

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Load Weights

Ensure your vehicles are not overloaded

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It's smooth sailing with Marquee Tech.

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Migration Services

We’ll set your account up in just 3 days

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Modern Quotes

Beautifully designed, game changing quotes your clients will love.

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Online Card Payments

Enable online card payments. Get paid faster & save time with automation.

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Online Job Sheets

Improve company communication with digital job sheets.

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Online shop

Beautiful online shops

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Payment Plans

Create unique payment options for each client

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Picking Lists

Software-generated picking lists that are perfect every time.

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Profit Calculators

Control costs like labour and ensure every booking is profitable.

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Purchase Orders

Easily stay in control of cross-hire equipment & purchase orders.

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Quote Building

Build bespoke quotes in minutes. No matter how easy, big or complicated the event is.

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A birds eye view of your business.

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Staff & Vehicles Planning

Ensure you have enough staff & vehicles available for your bookings.

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Stock Management

Prevent double bookings with an easy to use, powerful, stock management system.

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For senior management and business owners

Discover a way to keep your customers coming back, your staff happy and your business profitable.

For office teams

Tools to improve customer relationships.

For riggers and site teams

Tools to make set-ups & take-downs a little easier.

3 day D.I.F.Y setup

We invest ten's of thousands every year into our set up process so that we can create your account for you in 3 days..

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Do It For You. We create your account for you.

3 Days

It takes us 3 days to create your account.

Expert set-up

Our set up team is experienced in tent rental.

1-2 hours

Only 1-2 hours work required from you.

Frequently asked questions

Working from home

Connect with customers and staff from anywhere with Marquee Tech and the power of the cloud. All you need is an internet connection (cellular data also works) and you can access all the tools you need to do your job. So you can speak to customers, update quotes, send invoices, share job notes with riggers, build CADs and much more from anywhere in the world!

Data security

We are committed to protecting your data. Marquee Tech provides multiple layers of protection and encryption of sensitive data you entrust to Marquee Tech.  

How do subscriptions work?

Each month, Marquee Tech will email you a link to your invoice. We use a direct debit system that automatically processes the payment when the invoice is due. The payment depends on what pricing plan you have signed up to and any additional features or services you have purchased. You can upgrade or downgrade your plan, or cancel your subscription at any time with one month’s notice.

Training & support

When you sign up for Marquee Tech, the first thing we do is assign a new account expert to you. This individual will ensure your account is correctly set up from the first instance. They will be available to answer any questions you have via email, phone, video call and Whatsapp. 

We understand how your business works, what tents you have, how your components work and how your pricing structure works. 

By spending a lot of time with new customers at the start, we’ve found that the amount of support that customer requires significantly drops. 

However, if you do require extra help, you will be happy to know that training and support are free with Marquee Tech.

Moving to Marquee Tech from other software

You can import data from another system in bulk via Excel/CSV files. Our set-up team will help you do this.

Some of our clients prefer to take this opportunity to re-look at their products, pricing and inventory. We can provide you with the spreadsheets & forms to do this.

We invested tens of thousands to ensure the process of switching or joining Marquee Tech is as quick and pain-free as possible.

If you would like more information on how we do this, please contact us here.