Why are so many companies choosing Marquee Tech?

The secret to our success is...

We are a niche company!

We're only focused on the events industry. An industry we are experts in and have combined decades of experience in.

We don't cater to any other hire industry (like tool or plant hire), and we never will - because we believe being niche means you get the best product on the market.

By focusing on just the event industry, we fix the problems you face, use the language you use and understand the customers you sell too.

All of this combined creates an easy to use product that streamlines your business and increases your profits.

Our story

As teenagers, we spent our Summers rigging tents.

Fast forward a few years and we were running and managing tent hire companies.

We then had a break from the industry, only to return when helping our sister organise her wedding.

I have a question for you...
Have you ever been a tent hire customer?

It's a pretty bad experience... The industry is old school and not in a good way. In some cases, you have to wait weeks for an ugly PDF quote to be sent to you. Or even better, you are sent a generic stock quote. It takes suppliers days to update quotes or reply to emails and it's difficult to know who to trust.

When helping our sister, we faced all these issues and more.

So why is this happening?

Well, the truth is, directors are busy and do not have a suitable system to help them run their business.

This leads to little mistakes, bad customer experience and loss of profits.

The lightbulb moment happened when we're helping out sister.

Why don't we build a software that is specific for marquee hire, fix the niche problems only faced in this industry, help everyone become more modern and most importantly help suppliers increase their profit margins?

This was our opportunity. We found investors and raised the capital required to build Marquee Tech.

Fast forward to the present day and we proudly boast books that are bursting with happy suppliers, using Marquee Tech to increase sales, day to day operations and most importantly profits.

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