Discover a more profitable way to manage your stock

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‍‍Account Set Up

Have your account set up by a professional and benefit from a more efficient and more profitable business.Β 

Why upgrade to the full account set up?

By upgrading to the full account set-up you will benefit from having your account set-up & tested by a Marquee Tech expert in 3-5 days. An expert who understands the exact & unique way in which you build your tents, lay your floor & put up your linings. All you need to do is log-in, get quoting & start taking on new bookings.

Not only that, but you will benefit from using a system set-up by someone whose job it is to build perfect stock control systems for companies around the world. As a hire business, your revenue and profits are dictated by how accurately you can control and monetise your stock, which is why the majority of our customers opt to pay for a full account set up by an expert.

Frequently asked questions

Can I do this myself, should I pay for an expert?

You can do this yourself, but it takes a lot of work and there is a high potential for you to make mistakes.

How much does it cost?

The price depends on the number of stock items, tents and components your company has. You will be provided with a quote prior to committing.

Can I pay in instalmants

Yes, you can pay via monthly instalments (max 6)

Components allocated for every tent you hire

We ensure every component, down to the last R-clip and nail is correctly allocated and configured to your tents. To prevent confusion, we use the same naming of components you use internally.

 Sectional / bay tents

 Individual / modular tents

 Package tents (i.e. 4x tipis)

 As granular as required (i.e. down to the last nail).

Flooring components

We cover every flooring option from complicated steel sub frame flooring to the humble matting.

 Cassette flooring

 Interlocking wooden floor

 Steel sub-frame

 Matting & carpet

All floor & manufacturers

 Roder / HTS tentiQ

 Custom Covers

 Losberger

 Any manufacturer

Any product any package, every tent

All lining products

 Gable lining

 Hip lining

 Ivory pleated

 Flat white

 Custom lining

 All lining types!

Ultimate stock control for your business

Save money by making better purchasing decisions and take on new bookings with confidence knowing you can provide the kit.

Perfect load lists


Load priority


Total load weight


Swap load list items


Adjust item qtys

All in just 5 business days

Our set up team can have your account fully ready in just 5 days.

Pay in instalments

We understand the last 12 months has been challenging on cash flow, which is why we are more than happy to support you by providing payment plans. Contact us to find out more.

The process

 We upload your tents, flooring options, linings options,  stock and components.

 30min-1hour Zoom meeting so we can understand how you build your tents, lay your flooring, put up your linings etc.

 3-5 day lead time to allocate all components on your MTech account.

Discover a more profitable way to manage your stock

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