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We have built APIโ€™s/integrations with some of the best software in the world. Integrate 3rd party software with Marquee Tech to further streamlines your processes. For example, the integration with Xero allows suppliers to automate their bookkeeping in two clicks.

Why this is important

Connecting Marquee Tech with other apps and software means you can keep using the software & systems you love.

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Do integrations cost extra?

It depends, some integrations are included with Marquee Tech. Such as the integration with google maps which calculates the distance from your yard to customers site. Other integrations you will need to pay for, for example, the integration with Xero, will only work if you are an existing Xero customer, or, if you sign up to Xero.

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Automate your bookkeeping

Connect to Xero and keep your accounting records up to date. Once an invoice has been paid, all you need to do is click a button and all the customer details, invoice details and taxes are organised for you.

Distances calculated

Our system calculates the driving distances to the event site and then calculates a predicted delivery cost. Distances are not calculated as the crow flies, but via google maps directions. You can choose between km or miles.

Google Maps

Use Google Maps to visualise the event site whilst making quotes and purchase orders.

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Other awesome features

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Fully customisable digital quotes

All quotes are market tested, designed for sales and built by developers.
We can't wait to design your brand.


Designed to help you deliver a high quality proposal to potential customers. Use big, high quality images to show the value in your service and hire items.


All about the colour. The focus of this design is your brand colour.


A quote template to help convince clients that your tents, items & service will give them the event of their dreams. Make sure to jazz it up with visual examples of previous jobs.

New York

Precise & simple. The quote is the main focus point in this minimal layout.


Big galleries and statement brand colours.


The jack of all trades, display large & small galleries, floor plans, images of hire items & sales buttons. Guaranteed to win bookings for every event type.


A basic quote design that allows you to quickly detail important event details like price, dates & layout. Mardrid simple design doesnt overcrowd the page with too many images.


If you provide a personal, unique service you should send personal, unique quotes. This quote uses lots of imagery to help your customer visualise their big day in your tents.


A simple, clean, design which focus's on the quote instead of images & layouts.


A scaled-down, visual quote containing all of the essentials: images, CADs, event dates, & sales buttons. Copenhagen is a more streamlined version of our other visual quotes.


100's of ready to go floor plans

Access a library of 100's of floor plans which you can further customise.

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