In a nut shell

CRM stands for Customer-Relationship-Management. It's a place where all your customers' details are securely stored. We keep tabs on important information like customer notes, site-notes, images of sites, floor plans created, quotes created, payments, due invoices, what type of booking this is and how likely the customer is to book (amongst other key pieces of information).

Why this is important

Storing all this information in one place means you can work more efficiently. In this industry, a lot of time is wasted on admin, especially when you have to drive back to the office to reply to customers after spending the day on site. An effective CRM leads to better customer service, increased sales conversion & more free time.

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Will my CRM report on my pipeline?

Yes. Like most CRM systems we will provide you with key pieces of data such as the number of quotes made, the percentage of quotes most likely to book, average booking value, sales probability per customer, quotes per booking type, revenue per booking type, plus much more.

Can I transfer data from my old CRM into Marquee Tech?

Yes, we can migrate your data from other systems to Marquee Tech.

Do you have search functionality on the CRM?

Yes. You can search and filter through your leads/customers to quickly find accounts. Search by, name, number, address, marquee type, company name... any info that is associated with the customer's account.

How do you track lead to sale probability?

As standard, we categories leads into 4 groups. Low, Medium, High, Very High. The latter being the highest chance of booking. But we can change this to whatever you would like i.e as a percentage (25%, 50%, 75%, 90+%) or any free text (initial quote, site visit stage, updated quote, booker, time-waster etc).

I have never used a CRM before, will I struggle?

From customer feedback, we've heard our CRM is super easy to use. We are from a tent hire background & designed it to only include the features that you actually need. This means the system is overcrowded with lots of features, buttons, links etc that you would never use. Keeping the CRM simple & niche makes it very intuitive.

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Reduce admin time

In seconds access every quote, purchase order and invoice from your fingertips. Donโ€™t be stuck working in the office, service customers wherever you are. Use automation to take care of boring admin tasks like sending invoices on due dates. Update orders, live with customers during site visits. And rely on interactive, online quotes that help you sell.

Better cash forecasts

  • Track the booking value of customers most likely to book
  • Revenue & profit reporting
  • Booking type vs. revenue
  • Total quotes made per booking type

Stay on top of leads

Create simple tasks to follow up customers better. Never miss a follow up thanks to calendar alerts. Easily move new enquires up the sales cycle, from lookers to bookers. And quickly send invoices to customers that haven't paid on time.

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Other awesome features

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Fully customisable digital quotes

All quotes are market tested, designed for sales and built by developers.
We can't wait to design your brand.


Designed to help you deliver a high quality proposal to potential customers. Use big, high quality images to show the value in your service and hire items.


All about the colour. The focus of this design is your brand colour.


A quote template to help convince clients that your tents, items & service will give them the event of their dreams. Make sure to jazz it up with visual examples of previous jobs.

New York

Precise & simple. The quote is the main focus point in this minimal layout.


Big galleries and statement brand colours.


The jack of all trades, display large & small galleries, floor plans, images of hire items & sales buttons. Guaranteed to win bookings for every event type.


A basic quote design that allows you to quickly detail important event details like price, dates & layout. Mardrid simple design doesnt overcrowd the page with too many images.


If you provide a personal, unique service you should send personal, unique quotes. This quote uses lots of imagery to help your customer visualise their big day in your tents.


A simple, clean, design which focus's on the quote instead of images & layouts.


A scaled-down, visual quote containing all of the essentials: images, CADs, event dates, & sales buttons. Copenhagen is a more streamlined version of our other visual quotes.


100's of ready to go floor plans

Access a library of 100's of floor plans which you can further customise.

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