How much should you be charging for a 12m Clearspan (3m bays)?

Pricing strategy is important because it can help you increase sales and profits without having to spend more on marketing or lower your prices so much that margins are squeezed. It’s a way to grow your business without sacrificing profitability.

12m Clearspan (3m bays)

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Width Length Size AVERAGE Marquee Price Price £ AVERAGE Marquee Price price $USD AVERAGE Marquee Price $AUD AVERAGE Marquee Price $NZD Average SQM Marquee Price £ Average SQM Marquee Price $USD Average SQM Marquee Price $AUD Average SQM Marquee Price $NZD
12 3 12m x 3m £384.69 $476.48 $725.01 $777.05 £10.69 $13.24 $20.15 $21.59
12 6 12m x 6m £609.43 $754.84 $1,148.58 $1,231.01 £8.46 $10.48 $15.94 $17.09
12 9 12m x 9m £834.54 $1,033.66 $1,572.83 $1,685.72 £7.73 $9.57 $14.57 $15.61
12 12 12m x 12m £1,053.04 $1,304.29 $1,984.63 $2,127.08 £7.31 $9.05 $13.78 $14.77
12 15 12m x 15m £1,328.68 $1,645.70 $2,504.12 $2,683.85 £7.38 $9.14 $13.91 $14.91
12 18 12m x 18m £1,501.54 $1,859.80 $2,829.91 $3,033.02 £6.95 $8.61 $13.10 $14.04
12 24 12m x 24m £1,953.67 $2,419.81 $3,682.03 $3,946.29 £6.78 $8.40 $12.78 $13.70
12 27 12m x 27m £2,195.81 $2,719.72 $4,138.38 $4,435.40 £6.78 $8.40 $12.78 $13.70
12 30 12m x 30m £2,438.13 $3,019.86 $4,595.07 $4,924.87 £6.77 $8.39 $12.76 $13.67

All data provided and analysed anonymously. Accuracy was increased by filtering anomalies and using data from a wide-cross section of companies. Prices are in GBP and then converted into the equivalent currency.

What to do with this information. 

Instead of comparing prices, quote for quote, analyse your pricing with competitors in terms of value and positioning.

If you offer unique value, you can set higher prices. If your tents/products/services are similar to the rest of the market, adjust your pricing to stay competitive.

Remember, pricing is only part of a larger strategy. To justify higher prices, focus on why your business is better.

This could be the quality of rental products, positioning, branding, marketing, proven track record, exceptional customer service or other additional benefits. 

Although pricing & revenue is important, profitability is crucial for success and sustainability. Efficient operations and cost management are important for long-term goals.

Marquee Tech offers features to increase revenue and improve profit margins.

Here are just a few:


Easy methods for boosting revenue and profit

Sample quotes

Respond to new enquires in seconds by using sample quotes (which can be emailed in one click). Customise these packages to personalise each order, add floor plans, incorporate pre-selected upselling items and showcase product images.

Increase the value of every booking

Drive revenue growth whilst maintaining a positive (non-salesy) customer experience with Marquee Tech's up-selling features. The up-selling tool subtly encourages customers to add-on extra items to their quotes.

This increases the revenue and profitability on every job and helps provides personal service by including extras that could be perfect for your customer's event.

Increasing brand value

Enhancing your brand's value and standing out from competitors can be achieved through various means, such as an impressive website, professional communication, and showcasing previous work.

However, one particularly effective method to elevate your brand is through your quotes. In today's digital age, customers demand more than the traditional black and white PDFs.

Customers expect modern, visually appealing quotes that streamline their purchasing experience.

With Marquee Tech, we offer tailored quote designs that align with your brand identity.

Moreover, our interactive features enable clients to view images, select add-on items, access brochures, digitally sign terms and conditions, and make online payments, providing a seamless buying journey.

Revenue & profit reports

The automated revenue and profit reports will help you identify the types and sizes of events that are most profitable. With this data, you can quickly filter through the low-value enquiries and focus your efforts on the profitable leads.

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