How much should you pay your staff?

Knowing the industry pay per hour for employees is crucial for competitive hiring, fair compensation, budget planning, talent retention, benchmarking, compliance with labor laws, and making informed decisions about compensation within your organization.

Average Staffing Costs

All data provided and analysed anonymously. Accuracy was increased by filtering anomalies and using data from a wide-cross section of companies. Prices are in GBP and then converted into the equivalent currency.

Staff & Wages

Wages are the one of the biggest costs in your business, which is why staff planning is so important. Staff planning is crucial for business profitability as it ensures optimal resource allocation, cost control, increased efficiency, customer satisfaction, flexibility, retention of talent, and enables strategic decision-making. Effective staff planning helps businesses align their workforce with demand, minimize costs, and enhance overall profitability.


Staff Planning on Marquee Tech

Staff availability reports

The staff availability report is a valuable tool for ensuring the right number of staff have been scheduled for upcoming weekends. With intuitive graphs, the tool shows projected and allocated staff, helping you make informed decisions for workforce planning.

By addressing shortages in advance you can reduce reliance on external agencies, save costs, and improve profitability. Swift access to staff availability data empowers you to plan ahead, ensuring smooth operations, happy customers, and increased profits for your business.

Predicted staff & vechile costs

Easily predict your staffing and vehicle needs for upcoming setup and takedown dates in just seconds. Our user-friendly platform takes into account both hourly and daily staff costs, and it seamlessly integrates with Google Maps to accurately calculate fuel expenses.

With our advanced API, we calculate the cost per mile by considering the distance from your yard and the specific vehicles used on each day of setup and takedown. This ensures precise and efficient cost calculations for your operations.

Digital job sheets

Digital job sheets provide staff with everything they need, right at their fingertips.Access to load lists, delivery notes, staff schedules, site information, floor plans, customer notes and more (from any device).

Embracing digital job sheets minimises paper waste, while enhancing operational efficiency. Seamlessly connecting the office with the onsite crew massively reduces the likelihood of errors. The result? Happier staff, satisfied customers, fewer mistakes and more profit. Say goodbye to manual paperwork and welcome a digital solution that revolutionises your peak-busy season.

Staff & vehicle scheduling

Simplify and streamline your staff and vehicle scheduling process. With our user-friendly interface and intuitive features, you can effortlessly organise and allocate your team members and vehicles to every event.
Your team can access their schedules without logins and find delivery notes, load lists, event notes, directions to the site… basically, everything they need to make your and their life easier.
Maximise productivity, minimise scheduling conflicts, and experience the power of seamless staff and vehicle management.

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