Bench mark your closing success rate against the industry.

A sales conversion rate is important because it measures the effectiveness of your sales process in turning leads into customers, allowing you to identify areas for improvement and optimize your strategies to maximize revenue and profitability. It provides valuable insights into the success of your marketing efforts, customer engagement, and overall business performance.

Average Quote to Booking Confirmed (sales conversion) %

All data provided and analysed anonymously. Accuracy was increased by filtering anomalies and using data from a wide-cross section of companies. Prices are in GBP and then converted into the equivalent currency.

Increasing your sales conversion rate

Several factors can reduce a sales conversion rate. These may include unclear or ineffective communication, lack of trust or credibility in the product or brand, and a complex or lengthy sales process. Additionally, inadequate lead qualification and targeting, poor follow-up or customer service, and a mismatch between customer expectations and the product or service offered can also contribute to a lower conversion rate.

Improve your sales conversion rate with Marquee Tech

Increasing brand value

Enhancing your brand's value and standing out from competitors can be achieved through various means, such as an impressive website, professional communication, and showcasing previous work.

However, one particularly effective method to elevate your brand is through your quotes. In today's digital age, customers demand more than the traditional black and white PDFs.

Customers expect modern, visually appealing quotes that streamline their purchasing experience.

With Marquee Tech, we offer tailored quote designs that align with your brand identity.

Moreover, our interactive features enable clients to view images, select add-on items, access brochures, digitally sign terms and conditions, and make online payments, providing a seamless buying journey.

Interactive live quotes

With digital interactive quotes, you can effortlessly update hire items while on the phone or on-site with customers. This capability allows you to provide an incredibly personalised service by adjusting the quote in real-time based on their budget, theme, and specific needs.

The ability to sell in real-time not only speeds up the sales cycle but also greatly enhances the customer experience. Gain a competitive edge by avoiding the lengthy delays of hours or days to make updates; instead, make changes with customers and witness first-hand how quickly you win new bookings.

Revenue & profit reports

The automated revenue and profit reports will help you identify the types and sizes of events that are most profitable. With this data, you can quickly filter through the low-value enquiries and focus your efforts on the profitable leads.

CRM features for rental businesses

The CRM features on Marquee Tech have been specifically designed for rental businesses helping you give a better customer service, increase sales conversion rates, and free-up more time.

By using one tool you can store all customer and event info and easily manage your leads through the entire booking journey.

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