5 Tips for Australian marquee companies to get through a lock down

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Bill verwey
5 Tips for Australian marquee companies to get through a lock down

#1 Reschedule ASAP - Don’t leave your customers in the dark

Do not be an ostrich! Reach out and let your customers know what your plan is and how they can reschedule. Customers are very understanding, kind and supportive when you reach out to them and reschedule as soon as possible.

#2 Ensure you have available stock when Australia re-opens.

After the lockdown in the UK we faced long lead times and inflated prices when buying new stock. The 2nd hand market went through the roof when suppliers started panic buying before the season. Start planning your purchasing strategy now and beat the rush. 

How stock Management works on Marquee Tech

#3 Long term hire contracts.

Long term hire contracts have been a lifeblood to UK companies, ensuring cash is flowing in on a regular basis when weddings & events have been halted.

Ideals for long term hire:

  • Additional catering space for large businesses.
  • Temporary classrooms & lecture space.
  • Temporary warehouses and storage spaces.
  • Seasonal storage spaces.
  • Pop up retail, restaurants and cafes.
  • Additional space for TV, film and media.
  • Gymnasiums, sports & conditioning facilities.
  • All weather construction cover.

#4 Payment plan

Typically, in our industry a customer books via paying a deposit and then a balance invoice.

This creates huge gaps in your cash flow, which is made worse by COVID and rescheduling events.

To reduce cash flow issues we introduced payment plans for customers. By breaking the balance invoice into smaller regular payments you'll see an improved cash flow.

#5 Go cloud-based and work from anywhere  

If COVID has taught us one thing, it’s that working from home is here to stay. Monaco Marquees switched during the March 2020 lockdown to Marquee Tech so that they could be on a modern cloud based system. 

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