PDF's are costing you bookings!

PDF's are costing you bookings!

Why PDF quotes are losing YOU bookings.

We live in a digital world, everything from booking a holiday to talking to old friends (for better or for worse) is now done via the internet.

Ask yourself this: when was the last time you sent a written letter to a friend or visited a travel agent to browse holidays?

Personally, I last sent a letter in the 1990’s and I've only booked holidays online (for reference I was born in 1992).

It’s not just holidays and communication though. Like it or not, the digital revolution has trickled down to event & tent hire.

What this means is, today’s modern customers expect an online service. Old school pdfs don’t cut it anymore.

Before we continue though, I think it is important to remind everyone that:
- PDFs are not digital.
- In today's standards PDFs are slow and essentially dinosaur technology.
- PDFs are ‘static’ files (i.e. you cannot interact or update them).
- PDFs are not mobile-ready.

For these reasons companies still using PDFs are losing bookings and companies who are utilising online quotes are winning more bookings.

But why is online better than PDF?

Well, the experience is super fast, quotes update in real-time, quotes are visual with images & videos, quotes are interactive (pay online buttons, slide shows, videos, multiple options) and of course online quotes work on any smartphone.

The problem for you is.. How do you move away from PDFs?

An issue for a lot of companies is that they have gotten used to the old practices that previously served them well, and more often than not, company owners can be scared to change.

Especially in the stone ages aka the event & tent hire industry!

However, if you don’t evolve, you’ll be left in the past.

Staying in the past means customers don’t get back to you, your competitors take a larger slice of the pie, new players enter the market and you are left with the … er.. The less desirable customers.

So what's the solution?

Well of course I am going to tell you the answer is Marquee Tech and here is why.

Bespoke quotes with bespoke CADs (floor plans)

One of the first priorities we had when building the core software, was a  super quick & easy quote building tool.

To test the simplicity of our software, we designed an easy but effective test, which is affectionately called the ‘the grandma test’.

The test is pretty simple… If my 82-year-old grandma (with ZERO tent hire experience) could be taught to independently build a bespoke quote and floor plan, plus email it to a client, then we successfully created an easy to use quoting tool.

So how quick and easy is it to build quotes and CADs on Marquee Tech?

Well, seeing is believing right, so watch the video below.

Customer Dashboard

Customers are provided with their own personal ‘quotes’ dashboard. This is a place where you can list all the quotes you have made for a customer and they can compare their options and pick their favourite.

Interactive quotes

Thanks to Apple, Airbnb, Uber + other awesome companies out there, user experience, e.g. how technology makes a customer feel, is very important.

We’ve designed these quotes with the user's experience in mind.

From the moment a customer click’s into the quote, they are taken on an intriguing journey which leads them to booking your tent.

How? Well, it's simple.

By answering the questions customers haven’t even thought of yet.

“What do the chairs look like?” All they would need to do is click on the quoted chairs to scroll through images.

“What does the tent look like?” The carousel of tent images shows off your previous bookings.

“How big will the tent be?” Marquee Techs CAD tool enables you to easily attach bespoke floor plans to every quote.

Answering these questions knocks down the hurdles customers have before they are ready to put down a deposit.

And when they are ready to pay, they simply need to click the online sales button and book.

An all-around great booking experience!

Sales Buttons

People love buttons. Why? Because they make life easy and people love things being easy!

So if a customer wants to organise a site visit or book, all they need to do is click a button.

But also, the sales buttons let your customers follow up with themselves, so you don’t have to waste time chasing leads.

Why online quotes?

You probably get my point by now, by using online interactive quotes, which provide an awesome user experience & make it easy for customers to move from the initial quote stage to a position where they are ready to book.

Super-fast experience

But here is the best bit for you and your customers.

If the customer calls you and asks for a bigger structure or to change the chairs, all you need to do is open up your phone and update the quote there and then.

You do not have to download and resend a new pdf. The quote simply updates on the customer's end.

We call this selling in real-time, you find out more by clicking here.

Ready to go digital?

The benefits of going digital are numerous.

Contact us today for more information on how to get started.

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