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#NoCode Stock Rules - An innovation first for Marquee Tech (Now Live)!

#NoCode Stock Rules - An innovation first for Marquee Tech (Now Live)!

Automate your stock control, without writing a single line of code.

Marquee Tech has innovated again this week by developing a #NoCode application to allow marquee & tent hire suppliers to easily program stock management rules, without writing a single line of code. 

The #NoCode technology will enable thousands of small marquee & tent hire companies to automate their stock, without requiring specialist coding knowledge or spending thousands on expert support. 

After a large investment in the software, design & UX flow, the system is currently in Live Beta and should be live for all users before the end of Jan 2021.

How does No Code work?

Code is what web developers write to create websites, software & applications.

With other products on the market, marquee companies are expected to be-able to create their own set of complex codes or formulas to trigger stock management automation.

Sound confusing?

That’s because it is.

The founders of Marquee Tech used to put tents up, we know from first-hand experience the majority of marquee companies don’t know how to ‘code’.

Which is what we have created a simple to use, visual, step-by-step process to help you write your own stock rules.

For example, with a 9m Clear ceiling panel, the step by step process looks like this:

Why did we create a 'No Code' Stock-Automation-System?

“It is estimated that hire companies lose tens of thousands of pounds every year due to poorly managed stock. 
Whilst it’s proven that automating stock control reduces mistakes, saves time & increases profits, it’s also true that the majority of companies still have poor or non-existent stock control.
Due to the complex barriers of entry and specialist skills required to automate stock control, these companies still create mistakes that are costing them thousands in lost profit.
Our investment into a #NoCode solution pulls down the barrier of entry meaning it is easier than ever to build rules to automate your stock control. 
In literally 15 minutes, you can create something that used to take specialised skills and countless days. This is all because of the "no code" tools that let you do so much without writing a single line of code."
— Bill Verwey, Marquee Tech

Clear ceiling example

We want to #NoCode a rule so that if we add a clear ceiling panel into a marquee, a PVC roof sheet is removed from the load list & stock report. 

All we need to do is tell the system to remove a 9m PVC Roof Sheet every time we add 9m Clear Ceiling Panel to a quote.

And this is how it looks in reality

For every 1x clear ceiling panel that is added, 1x PVC roof is removed.

High peak roof example

The same is true for high peak roofs, in this example, we are telling the system to remove 2x PVC roofs.

Whats's the difference compared to the clear ceiling panel example? Here we are telling the system to remove components in a ratio of 2:1 (for every 1x high peak, remove 2x PVC roof sheets).

Bracing wires every Nth bay example

With this example, we simply tell the system to add bracing wires for every 4x bays.

For every 4x bays we are adding bracing scissors and roof wires.

Join the #NoCode Revolution!

By building an advanced stock automation system, and designing it in a way in which you (the user) can easily control the system, without writing code, we are removing the barrier to entry and facilitating greater stock control for every sized company. The end result is companies that make fewer mistakes and higher profits.
Bill Verwey - Marquee Tech

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