Changes to English & Welsh wedding laws fast-tracked by COVID

Changes to English & Welsh wedding laws fast-tracked by COVID

UK Gov to promote legal marquee weddings (post-covid)

Restrictions, tiered systems and national lockdowns have highlighted several archaic UK wedding laws which prevent couples legally marrying in a marquee.

Professor Nick Hopkins, the family law commissioner at the Law Commission, which reviews legislation, said the marriage laws in England and Wales had "not kept up with changes in society".

"Our proposals would give couples the freedom to choose the wedding venue they want and a ceremony that is meaningful for them," he said.

This means couples in England & Wales will be able to legally marry inside a marquee, which currently is allowed in Scotland & Northern Ireland.

The Law Commission & the Ministry of Justice are set to change “ancient” laws to “better reflect modern society”. 

Vicars & celebrants told BBC wales that, couples just want to get married during the pandemic, they do not care about the “bells and whistles”.

What will be the impact on Marquee & Tent Hire companies?

Currently, couples must have their wedding in a registered building. The bricks and mortar structures must either be a palace of work ship or a licensed venue (which cannot be outdoors).

By reforming the law, will there be a boost in Marquee wedding ceremonies? 

After the pandemic, we certainly hope so.

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