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Generate an extra $10,000 a year.

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Bill verwey
Generate an extra $10,000 a year.

Many suppliers wont.

But why?

The fear of upsetting the customer?

“Brides find up-selling to pushy”.

Now we’re seeing staff, fuel & manufacturing costs going up ⬇️ and hire prices staying the same 📉..

Maybe it is time to start up-selling?

Imagine earning an additional $100 per booking.

100 bookings a year would generate a further $10,000.

What could you do with another $10,000?

  • Pay rent.
  • Finance on a new van.
  • Buy new equipment.
  • Increase the marketing budget.

An extra $10,000 can go a long way.

In the events industry there's a lot of opportunity to up-sell with multiple up-sell items and with customers that are ready to spend $$$.

Check out the graph below, and see how much more turnover you will make if you can increase the average order value by just 2.5%.

After interviewing a dozen tent rental companies and asking what their most lucrative up-sell items were, we started to see trends. 

Best performing up-sell items from 12 UK based Marquee Hire Companies in 2021

  • Poseur tables.
  • External festoon lighting.
  • Stage units.
  • Matting Walkway.
  • Internal bunting.
  • Disco balls.
  • Entrance Kit (Easel, Coat Rail, Trestle Table & Linen).

4 ways you can up-sell.

  1. This one is easy, start doing it. It’s not cheesy, you're not a snake oil salesman. It makes business sense.
  2. Set an automated email to be sent 2 weeks before an event. This email should include last-minute hire items that can be easily forgotten. (easel board, fairy lighting, bunting, etc).
  3. Create brochures for different themes. Within each brochure display up-sell items that match the theme.
  4. Send images of hire items with upgrade options.

Up sell challenge 

Now you know what items to up-sell here is your challenge.

Every booking from today, try and make $100 from either one or all of the above items.

For example:

7x Poseur tables at $15 = $105

Festoon lighting around the perimeter of the tent = $100-200.

Stage units 3 x $35 = $105

Matting walkway with festoon lights on crooks = $130

Internal bunting $50

 Good luck. 

Up-selling on Marquee Tech

By the way, we'd be proud to be your go-to tent rental software and should you decide to give Marquee Tech a go, you can start for free by clicking here.

Get in touch by clicking here, If you would like to find out how tent rental companies use Marquee Tech to up-sell.

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