Marquee Monkeys - A Smooth Set-up Process

How easy is it to create an account on Marquee Tech?

A smooth set-up for Marquee Monkeys (Melbourne)

From the editor. Marquee Monkeys joined Marquee Tech during the 3rd Covid Pandemic wave in Australia. We caught up with them to discuss their experience with joining Marquee Tech, our customer service and setting up their account.

Please could you provide a short description of your company? Please include the tents you own, your typical customer and the season. 

Marquee Monkeys is a rental provider in Melbourne Australia. We focus on all things private weddings, mostly but not limited too Mornington Peninsula properties. We specialise in marquees, flooring, lighting and furniture but have various partners and aim to be a one-stop shop. We use only A-frame clearspan Hocker marquees and have various flooring and lighting options for any style. We are currently working to create some new innovative products for the upcoming wedding season

How did you hear about Marquee Tech?

We were contacted directly by Marquee Tech. Immediately we were drawn to a software that was built by people who had worked in the industry and understood the back end. 

What made our solution stand out over others that you researched? 

Put simply, the system is purpose-built for marquee rental companies. From the customer end with interactive quoting systems allowing upsale and small things like photos being built into quotes. Then on the other end, load lists, booking platform and stock control was built easily for our stock, never before has a system I have seen allowed us to not have to compromise.

What feature of our product was most appealing?

For us it was stock control and load lists, cutting down so much room for error and work for our admin team.

How did you find the initial account set-up process?

Once we go our heads around the system it is very intuitive. The main thing was that the marquee tech team were extremely responsive so any queries were quickly answered.

How did our team help with setting up your account? 

The team helped in every way and still are! Both with set up and explaining how it all works.

Did you feel the team at Marquee Tech had adequate tent hire knowledge/experience to assist you with setting up your account?


What have you been most impressed with from Marquee Tech when setting up your account? 

The system speaks for itself and the help from the team has been second to none. The exciting thing we see is the willingness for MT to understand our needs and the constant updates to the system mean its is always evolving to be a better product

Is there anything else you would like to add about your experience in joining Marquee Tech?

Nothing else 

Marquee Monkeys
🇦🇺 Australia (Melbourne)
A-frame clearspan Hocker marquees
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