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When you're a multiple award winning company you need more than a black & white PDFs

Who is Sami Tipi?

Sami Tipi is a UK based, multi-award-winning, luxury Sailcloth Tent & Tipis provider for the wedding market.

If you take one look at Sami Tipi’s website, blogs, guides, or youtube videos you’ll see that Jodie, the director, has a strong eye for design and branding.

For me, their brand comes across as modern, approachable & trustworthy.

When I think of Sami Tipi my brain space is occupied by 2x thoughts:

  1. Wow, that’s exactly what I want my wedding to be like.
  2. These are people I can trust to organise my wedding.

These thoughts come naturally when you read so many positive reviews, look at the insanely beautiful images and notice the high number of awards and accreditation.

What did we do?

Firstly we worked with Jodie to choose a template that would underpin the quote design. We finalised on the Copenhagen theme. This is a scaled-down, streamlined theme containing all the essentials that portrayed the Sami Tipi brand: Beautiful imagery, floor plans, event details neat and organised, strong CTAs and long descriptive text for products. 

We finalised on the Copenhagen theme

Brand colours

We then set about designing and building the quote, starting with brand colours. Colour is very important in branding and marketing because it is where the first impressions of customers are based. Also, colour is the secret to producing a good identity for a company. Colours are more than just a visual aid because colours convey emotions, feelings and experiences. By adopting the correct brand colours, in the correct places, we’re continuing the same brand authenticity seen across the Sami Tipi logo, website, socials and now quotes.

Tone of voice

The brand tone of voice is the way Sami Tipi communicates with their customers, including the choice of words, the writing style and the emotional tone

For Sami Tipi, it’s personal, fun, informative, clear and concise. An example is in the way in which the document is less formal from the offset, instead of ‘quote’ we use the more playful: “Your Bespoke Celebration Space”. 

Booking a tipi or sail tent is not easy for newly engaged brides. Sami tipi is aware of this and provides helpful planning resources like FAQs and help desks.

A trusted authority source

We present Sami Tipi’s numerous awards and accreditations to build trust and reassure customers that as a company, they are market leaders, award winners and trusted suppliers. 


Clear CTAs (call to action)

Call to action is a marketing term for any design to prompt an immediate response or encourage a sale. To maximise conversion we’ve purposely kept the space clean and simple. On the left, we clearly state this is a time-limited offer. On the right-hand side of the screen, we present simple options for the customer to move down the booking process. 

Pressing buttons and taking action is second nature and automatic for today’s customers. Whether we are ordering food or booking a holiday, we are automatically drawn to clicking buttons and taking action.

Quote table

A quote table can be designed in a number of ways. Sami Tipi, as a company that primarily sells to consumers, chose to include sales tax (VAT) in all of their prices. 

The above is the same quote table, laid out in 3 different styles.

In this case study, we have decided to keep Sami Tipi’s quote table confidential. To give you an idea of design possibilities this is how we can work with you, to design a quote table.

Start with the header 

Starting at the top we first need to select what data we should show in the table columns.

In the quote table header above, we have selected to show:

  • Line numbers
  • Product descriptions
  • QTY
  • Rate INC-TAX
  • Line Title INC-TAX

The Table body

After the header we move down, working on the styling of the table body.

In the image above we have chosen the table to include these styles:

  • White background colour
  • Show row numbers
  • Condense the table
  • Remove the borders
  • Remove product categories
  • Remove tax from the total (tax is included in the price)
  • Remove the border from the footer

Add brand colours

To bring the table together we finish off by adding your brand colours.

Interactive quotes

Because the quotes are online, customer's can click on images of the hire items, click through to your social media accounts, access your website or use sales button's to request a site visit, pencil in a booking or request for the invoice.

Mobile ready.

Built for the 21st century using cloud-based, mobile-ready tech. Focused on the needs & wants of today's customers.

Let's take your quotes to the next level.

If your an existing customer or a company thinking about using Marquee Tech, why not get in touch, and together, we can start designing your quotes.

Sami Tipi
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