Monaco Marquees - Working From Home Success During The 2020 Pandemic

After a decade of using another software, Monaco Marquees switched to Marquee Tech during 2020 Lockdown.

Question: Why & when did you join Marquee Tech?

We moved to Marquee Tech in April 2020 during the first lockdown after realising what a waste of time it was having to travel to the office to access our systems. At the time (during lockdown) it was also kind-of risky driving to the office as you were meant to stay at home. We all thought it would be best for the business if we went cloud based.

I chose Marquee Tech as its cloud based, but also because its marquee hire specific. We found it was the only product that could manage stock and components correctly for our frame marquees, e.g. calculating the correct components at starter, additional & end bays etc.

What the team at Monaco love is the ability to work from home whilst working together on the same projects - which is perfect for lockdown or if you have vulnerable relatives and are worried about social distancing at the yard/office.

For me, the most important thing is our stock and components are reported on, which has been a godsend with all these long-term hire contracts and understanding which stock is where!

Paul from Monaco Marquees travels down to Marquee Tech HQ to meet with company directors and engineers. This photo was taken when COVID rules where relaxed in UK.

Question: What is your favourite thing about Marquee Tech?

It would have to be that you can access it anywhere from any device. When I look back and think about how we used to run our business, you realise how much time you waste, when you could do most of your work on a tablet.

But also, my customers love the system, with one recently saying, "it was so refreshing having quotes online and not having to download a PDF."

Question: Can you give us an example of how you used to waste time?

As you know there are so many when running a marquee hire company, it’s a joke!

My favourite time-wasting example is how we used to build quotes. We would do a site visit and then I would have to drive back to the office, which could be over an hour away and then go into the office building, load up our computer, log into our old system and manually build a quote and send it.

Now 8 times out of 10 I build quotes with clients whilst on a site visit. Which my clients absolutely love because they are not waiting around for me to email them a price, they receive it instantly, which I know my competition are not doing.

Actually, another good point is if a client wants to update a quote. Previously I would have to ring someone in the office or drive back myself just to update a quote. Now, all I have to do is pull out my phone and update the quote.

Again, creating and sending an invoice is now ridiculously easy, all I do is click a button on my mobile.

Question: How did you find the setup process?

We came over from another well-known system and it was pretty straight forward, we just had to download our packs and stock list and upload them into Marquee Tech.  

The system is very straight forward, it’s designed just for marquee hire so it’s easy to navigate and set up.

I have also phoned Marquee Tech hundreds of times for support, the knowledge you guys have is invaluable really.

It’s nice to speak to people who have experience putting up marquees and because you are speaking to hundreds of suppliers across the country and have great inside knowledge on how the industry is performing or where it’s going.

Question: How could we improve Marquee Tech?

Some functionality improvements to the automated CAD system would be nice. I also think it would be helpful for us, if the client could edit the CAD from their quotes.

Question: Would you recommend Marquee Tech?

I would go one step further and work for them! I have already told you I want to be your sales rep at the ShowMans Show!

I want to be your sales rep at the ShowMans Show!

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