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How do you manage a successful business, 2 small kids and working from home?? Marquee Tech of course!

Question: Why & when did you join Marquee Tech?

We joined Marquee Tech in November 2019 after Tim & Bill met us at our yard. 

I wanted to join because, at the time, I was running the business using spreadsheets & word documents, which was fine when we were small, but as the company grew it became unmanageable. 

After doing the school run I'd race home so I could get to the office at 9 am. Then from 9 am to 3 pm, I'd be non-stop creating quotes, updating invoices, and trying to do every-other job under the sun. Stopping for lunch was never an option!

Not only that, I'd spend a lot of much time trying to contact my husband (who is usually on-site with no signal) before I could send a quote out, because I needed to check we had the stock availability first. Which resulted in so much wasted time, and probably a few missed bookings!

We both realised, to help make our life easier we needed to look into using a more streamline system, and luckily, we found Marquee Tech.

Jack from TMHC & Tim from MTech discuss all trends Rustic & Round... Who would off though a global pandemic would happen 3 months after this photo was taken?

Question: What is your favourite thing about Marquee Tech?

  • The time it saves me every day! 
  • It’s easy to use. I was worried about using software, the ones we had demoed in the past looked really complicated. However, with Marquee Tech it’s so simple & quick to learn.
  • The support from Marquee Tech is amazing. Whenever I get in touch one of the guys is on the other side happy to help.
  • Quote to CAD system. Previously, customers would ask for a CAD and I had to say ‘we don’t do floor plans’. Now after making the quote I can literally click a button and the floor plan is ready.

Question: What made Marquee Tech stand out from other companies?

We really liked the fact that the directors of Marquee Tech have experience running marquee companies and that the system is only for the marquee industry. I also love the design of Marquee Tech, I felt it was something I could start using from day one.

Question: How did our team help with your account set-up? 

Well at first, it took us longer than it should have to sign-up. We loved what the software could do, but we were already so busy, we were worried that we didn't have the time to get everything ready. 

But to be fair to the team, they have made it so easy. We had an account with our stock & logos uploaded, ready to use on the same day. Plus the guys were always happy to help me with little things, like I found re-sizing images super hard, but Bill was more than happy to upload some for me & then show me how to do it!

Question: what would you say to another supplier who was thinking about moving on to the system? 

Don't wait! We kept saying to ourselves "next month is a better time to look into this", but there is always a reason why now is not a good time to move onto a new system. We kept finding reasons to push it back, even though we knew the sooner we moved onto MarqueeTech the sooner we would get more free time to do the things we wanted to!

So if you are thinking about moving, I would say just go for it! The guys at MarqueeTech are always ready to help, and you could be fully set-up & used to the system in less than a week! The small amount of work it takes at the beginning to get started will save you countless hours in weeks, months & years to come.

How has Marquee Tech Helped During COVID?

Since Covid, we have had to juggle postponing events, home-schooling, being away from the office & doing everything possible to keep the business going.

None of that would have been possible if we weren't on Marquee Tech.

1. Firstly, postponing events - when a customer calls up, it takes me seconds to find their contact info, event info & quotes. I can quickly look-up future dates for availability and if there are any stock issues the system will alert me. Once the client has confirmed the new date, I click a button and the booking is automatically rescheduled & added to the calendar. 

2. Home-schooling - During the lock-down, a huge chunk of the day was taken up by homeschooling. I barely had time to focus on the business, but with Marquee Tech it takes seconds to update quotes & invoices. 

Plus, everything in the system is linked & works together. For example, when I create a quote, a full load-list is automatically generated. Or, when a customer pays online, the system automatically sends the payment receipt, takes the stock off & adds the booking to my calendar. There are so many tasks I don't have to worry about now because MarqueeTech takes care of them.

3.Not being in the office - It's been a game-changer being able to access everything I need from my mobile or iPad. Apart from putting the Marquee up, I can run every other aspect of the business from home!

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